Case Study: How I Ranked A Tumblr Blog on 1st Page With ZERO Cost.

This is a case study from a personal blog of mine that i developed some time ago.

Before i proceed into the ins and outs of the methodology that i followed in order to achieve my goal, i’d like to give some insights on the niche and my site.

Keyword Research: The exact match searches for the main keywords are 74.000 & 33.000 respectively. I also wanted to rank on many other long tail keywords, which is something that i achieved eventually. The domain has the exact match keyword phrase in it and it’s a “how to” site. The competition of that keyword is considered medium.

Although i love WordPress blogs, i always test new platforms. Tumblr intrigued me because of it’s microblogging style plus its social aspect. Not only you can get visitors directly from search engines, but on the back end it’s pretty much like any other social media platform. The later proved to be a huge goldmine in my case.

Initially when i started my Tumblr blog i was disappointed because of its slow indexing rate. For some strange reason, Google seems to have a difficulty in indexing Tumblr blogs. Once it indexes it though, then everything is normal.

In order to boost my traffic, i started initially to do bookmarks of my content and posted the blog on relevant forums. This didn’t have any effect on my rankings, but i managed to index it faster.

Then the fun part came…

Inside Tumblr dashboard i started to search for other blogs – profiles with related content to mine. As i liked what they posted, i clicked on the “like” button that Tumblr has. Then those people started to follow me and liked or even better, they reblogged my content without my even asking them to do so.

The golden rule on that was that my content was very helpful and visual, so the blog started to become viral. With each “reblog” or “follow” that i received, the blog started to obtain more and more backlinks, which boosted my site to first page (3rd result) in a period of four months. Not only that, but i also managed to rank almost all of my long tail keywords on the first page of Google.

Here’s an overview of the gradual improvement of my  blog


Things to have in mind…

I know that some people might want to try something like that and the bait of ZERO cost is very attractive, but bear in mind that i spent a lot of time to develop that level of content.

The content also was mainly visual, and that’s exactly what people want on Tumblr. Non visual content, probably won’t take you far.

I invested time to answer questions to people that had problems and in return they posted about my site on their blog.